An organization that connects the world and Japan through international cultural exchange.

Help International (NPO) is a "non-profit organization", a company that requires public interest, an organization, non-government, continuity, non-profit, etc. for its purpose and activities. The underlying law, the NPO Act, was enacted by civil society stakeholders to create a new legal system that minimizes administrative intervention.

Help International (NPO) is an organization that voluntarily carries out activities that address needs that are difficult for governments and businesses to address. The meticulous activities of NPOs with excellent on-site sensations and footwork have the potential to serve the public interests together with the government, complementing areas that are difficult for the government to respond to.

Because the Nonprofit Promotion Act is abbreviated as NPO, NPOs are often mistaken for organizations that have obtained legal status as NPOs. However, in general, an NPO is not limited to such a narrow sense, but refers to an organization that provides social services and works to solve social problems from a private perspective.

Help International (NPO) creates a place where people with diverse values can gather. Recognize differences in skin color, culture, religion, values, etc., and develop the ability to discuss openly and equally.

In order to understand each other beyond background differences, it is fundamental to listen carefully, convey your thoughts properly, and hope to create a better relationship. We aim to achieve understanding through dialogue, not violence or war, both at the personal and global level.


ヘルプインターナショナル(NPO)を「非営利--組織」、公益、組織、非政府 、継続性、非営利などを目的と活動に必要とする企業。 基礎となる法律であるNPO法は、行政介入を最小限に抑える新しい法制度を作成するために、市民社会の関係者によって制定されました。

ヘルプインターナショナル(NPO)は、政府や企業が対処することが困難なニーズに対応する活動を自発的に実施する組織です。 現場で優れた感覚とフットワークを備えたNPOの細心の活動は、政府が対応しにくい分野を補完しながら、政府とともに公共の利益を果たす可能性を秘めています。

非営利促進法はNPOと略されるため、NPOはNPOの法的地位を取得した組織と誤解されることがよくあります。 しかし、一般的に、NPOはそのような狭い意味に限定されず、社会的サービスを提供し、私的観点から社会問題を解決するために働く組織を指します。

ヘルプインターナショナル(NPO)は、多様な価値観を持つ人々が集まる場所を作ります。 肌の色、文化、宗教、価値観などの違いを認識し、率直かつ平等に話し合う能力を養います。

背景の違いを超えてお互いを理解するためには、注意深く耳を傾け、自分の考えを適切に伝え、より良い関係を築くことを願うことが基本です。 私たちは、個人レベルでも世界レベルでも、暴力や戦争ではなく対話を通じて理解を達成することを目指しています。

Let's realize such a society together.
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Support Needed for New Initiatives

Based on the awareness of the problems, we are now starting a new business. In response to this situation, we believe that it is necessary for supporters to actively find people who cannot ask for help and deliver the necessary support. Until now, in the field of youth support and social welfare, the biggest issue was how to understand the target people and support them appropriately.

We are looking for donations to support development at the initial stage of these new businesses. Please support the efforts to improve the social environment that supports young people and to create and disseminate necessary knowledge through donations.

Let’s work together to create a society that is not indifferent to the pain of others.

Considering and connecting many social issues comprehensively and considering measures, and functioning as a private infrastructure for Japan with a promising future, we have established a system for developing highly public interest businesses. We will do our best to realize our aspirations for the fund and contribute to the promotion of public interest while cooperating with children and society so that children in Japan who are not blessed with a nurturing environment can achieve healthy growth.






The Role of NPOs in Society

An NPO is an entity that works to realize its social mission. Unlike governments and corporations, we address social and public issues from the perspective of citizens and provide diverse and individualized activities and services tailored to individual needs.

As an entity that solves the difficult problems of today’s society, as a carrier of “new public interest”, as a driving force for social change, hot expectations for NPOs are put in, and the responsibility of NPOs to society is also increasing .

Although we started NPOs with social awareness of problems and started activities, many organizations are facing various problems and troubles such as raising human resources and funding. There are various ways of thinking and consciousness about the social contribution activities and citizen public interest activities of the people participating there.


NPOは、その社会的使命を実現するために活動するエンティティです。 政府や企業とは異なり、私たちは市民の視点から社会的および公共的問題に取り組み、個々のニーズに合わせた多様で個別化された活動とサービスを提供します。


私たちは問題を社会的に認識して活動を始めたNPOを始めましたが、多くの組織は人材の調達や資金調達など、さまざまな問題やトラブルに直面しています。 そこに参加している人々の社会貢献活動や市民の公益活動について、様々な考え方や意識があります。

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