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Promote "Social Education" globally in under developed regions
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Contribution & Support in "Disaster Related Activities"
Protect "Human Rights" & "Gender Equality" in society

Women contribute to half of the country’s population and it is abundantly clear that can be no development unless their needs and the interests are fully taken into account. It is a role and responsibility of the state and the society to give due intension and priority to the needs and aspirations of the women of Pakistan and take up critical challenges in a positive manners.

Women concerns needing urgent attention include:

  • An integrated approach including improvement of their educational and health needs.
  • Removing gender discrimination.
  • Providing opportunities for training in new technologies and market based needs.
  • Improving and extending nutrition, hygiene and sanitation to the poor urban and rural women.
  • Provision of reproductive and maternal health care facilities.
  • Increasing awareness about family planning by media including incentives for small families.
  • Provision of low cost housing and day care centers for low income working women.
  • Public transport and public toilets to facilitate working women.
  • Lastly efforts towards enhancements of employment opportunities for women in general.

fforts to promote gender equality, equity, and empowerment as part of people centered sustainable development with equality between men and women in fundamental rights will lead to social justice and human development which will be further sustained through participation and partnership between both women and the men in all spheres including particular economic and social life at all levels.

No community or nation is an Island any more and Pakistan cannot remain unwashed by these rising global currents. Its need to address its domestic women issues in ways that are in some harmonies with the international perceptive and universally accepted norms. If it does not do it now, it will compel to do it later, after much damage.

Nations which of to drag their feet in bringing critical issues onto the national agenda do they repairable damage to nation building. It is a time to take action and give women their long due and well deserved priority.

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