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H.E.L.P. Youth Program

Updated: May 27, 2023

H.E.L.P.'s youth programs are for school age youth 5 and up! We provide tutoring, summer activities, weekend activities, and soon after-school programs as well! It takes a village to raise a child and we are that village with your help and teamwork.

One of our main goals with our Nonprofit is to help our youth and better prepare them for life and their futures. Everyone coming behind us will be our future and the people who will take care of our world when we get older and are gone. What we do matters and makes a difference, but most importantly it starts with our youth.

We do believe the children are the future and our plan is to help them in any and all ways we can!

Starting Summer 2023 we will volunteer at Edgewood Park on weekdays to work with and support youth.

For more information on our youth program and what we offer, email/contact today!

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