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Feed the Homeless Project

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Our Feed the Homeless Project (FTH) is more than just about a meal. We started out providing sack lunches, water, donated clothing & miscellaneous options. Our goal is to do much more and HELP them to get off of the streets and into a safe place.

Our goal is to provide the resources to our homeless and veterans in our communities with the things they need to get control of their lives. We want to help get a mobile shower unit and clothes washing until we can do more such as resources for housing and shelter, transportation, job and career readiness, and much more! We are in need of volunteers always!

You never know who you will meet, where, how, or when. The people we meet everyday encourage and effect our lives in ways seen and unseen. We are all one human race and together we can do and be better!

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